Bolle Sunglasses Made For Style And Comfort

21 Jan
Bolle sunglasses

Bolle sunglasses

Bolle sunglasses are very popular when it comes to durability and the great looks, they are favored by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.They are made to the highest standards and exceed ansi requirements for uv protection, impact resistance, and optical clarity. Bolle sunglasses are designed with rubber temples and nose pads for a secure comfortable fit and are even worn by world famous skiers. Magnificent style, function, fit and technical performance.Bolle sunglasses also come with an authentic case or pouch accompanied by a micro-fibre cleaning cloth to ensure your sunglasses remain in immaculate condition.All lenses are made from polycarbonate which is ultra-light weight and virtually shatterproof. Kickback is one of bolle’s most popular styles with its light weight rimless styling. The polarized axis lens is a customized green/grey lens providing the ultimate in “comfort” vision, soothing the eyes against harsh sun rays and providing a polarized filter and back sided antireflective coating to fight glare. Includes bolle carry case, microfiber cloth, and is backed by the bolle one year warranty.

Bolle sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles, all of which are created with a frame technology that allows the frame to hug your face . They are sold for a large range of customer uses,including action sports, sports fashion, golf, tennis, h2optix, women’s, and children’s. For example the action sports Bolle sunglasses category has about 17 styles. Most of these styles feature an nterchangeable lens system. You can order your choice of Bolle sunglasses action sports frames and get two, three,or four different types of lenses with them. These lenses can be changed to enhance your vision for the type of sport you are playing. For instance, if you are playing sport like tennis, you may want a lens color that will help you see the tennis ball better. If you are a golfer, you may want to switch the lens color so you can see more contrast on the golf course.You need to identify a bolle sunglass based on the model of the sunglass as each sunglass has unique model identification.You must be aware of your specific requirements and accordingly when you decide to purchase a pair of Bolle sunglasses, you need to choose the model that suits you the most.For example, some of the models are snakes anaconda, snakes recoil, sidney polarized, kickback,vigilante and snakes fang sun,just to name a few.Each model has its unique characteristics .These sunglasses have been prepared in compliance with the highest standards for eye care and provided you choose the model well, your eyes are in safe hands. Run a careful review of the features of each model prior to buying one and also check the prices of each model.


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